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Christine Brown, SAC Dip, Intuitive Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner

Christine has had a successful career in alternative healing arts since November 2006 offering Intuitive Life Coaching, Energy Therapy and Mindfulness Counseling services. She holds a certificate for a USUI Level III Reiki Master and a diploma in Intuitive Healing and Crystal Therapy from Stonebridge. She is currently working towards her diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Christine conducts motivational intuitive healing workshops and private sessions to give participants a taste of what it’s really like to bring their bodies back to a state of health and well-being by recognizing how unacknowledged intuition speaks to them through physical illness, chronic pain and emotional imbalance. Her sessions are not just about energy balance; they are about understanding the balance between energy and health, healing chronic pain and illness and bringing about a sense of long term emotional well-being.

Sign up for the Harmony Healing newsletter for more information on appointments, upcoming workshops, self-healing processes as well as articles and information on guided self-healing and energy therapy. Healing with Harmony is a holistic therapy designed to work on physical, mental and spiritual levels. The elements included in each session of “Healing with Harmony” are, Energy Body Analysis, Intuitive Life Coaching and Mindfulness Training, Energy Therapy and/or Crystal Healing. To schedule an appointment or a FREE 30 minute “Healing with Harmony” mini-session, please email or call 703 493-0447.

Christine Brown

  • Level 5 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from NCFE
  • Diploma, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from Stonebridge Associated Colleges
  • Diploma, Intuitive Healing from Stonebridge Associated Colleges
  • Diploma, Crystal Healing Practitioner from Stonebridge Associate Colleges
  • Level 3 Crystal Healing Practitioner Certificate from NCFE
  • USUI Reiki Master