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Medical Intuitive and Medicine Card Readings

Medical Intuitive Reading

Cost: $150

Medical Intuitive Readings are a process in which a medical intuitive assists clients to heal from dis-ease. Medical Intuitive Readings are not limited to the body, but read the spirit, emotions, history and potential outcomes. In a way the title Medical Intuitive is a misnomer and should really be called an Energy Intuitive.

Medical Intuitive Readings take place by phone.

Medical Intuitive Readings will not diagnose disease so please do not ask for a diagnosis. If you are dealing with health issues be sure to see your healthcare practitioner in conjunction with receiving a Medical Intuitive Reading. Your Medical Intuitive Reading is designed to empower you during a time of health related concern. You should come away from it with tools to help you move forward and to help you see your choices and refer you to therapies and solutions for your life.

A Medical Intuitive Reading is a wonderful place to start your healing, it can give you options that you had never considered or affirm options that you had. A Medical Intuitive’s job is to help guide you toward optimal health and is a part of your health care team.

by Christine

Medicine Card Reading

Introductory Cost: $50

Animal Totems - 9 Card Reading. Find your 9 power or totem animals that represent the medicine you carry.

by Christine

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