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Usui Reiki I Class


SAT. JULY 17, 2010
TIME: 9am - 1pm
Cost: $175

For more information, email or call (703) 493-0447

To learn reiki and to use it in daily life is very easy. Everyone can learn and use it, there is no previous knowledge required.

In reiki there is no need to diagnose a problem, no need to find negative energy or to time the energy channelling to someone, the intelligent Reiki or Divine energy will flow once we intend to do so and hold our hands on or above the body, that is all that is needed.

The Reiki I atunements open the entire main energy channel (the sushumna) and also open your heart chakra, facilitating access to greater and deeper levels of energy.

Reiki I allow you to become:

  • calmer
  • more peaceful
  • filled with deep joy
  • increased loving connectedness to others.

Benefits of Reiki Level 1 Atunement

This workshop offers an easy-to-follow introduction to Reiki. The workshop's aims and benefits are:

  • Chakra activation and opening (crown, heart and palm chakras)
  • Instant ability to channel Reiki energy
  • Sushumna (our main energy channel or nadi) will be fully opened and cleansed

Reiki 1 additionally introduces a range of exercises and meditations:

  • Self healing
  • Chakra balancing
  • Grounding meditation
  • Cleansing food & drinks using reiki
  • Reducing stress

During the Reiki 1 atunement all the knots of the main channel (Sushumna) are opened and energy can flow freely along the entire channel. This is an important preparatory step for the Reiki II atunement.

Your own energy will increase and your energy levels will improve in every way. Reiki or divine energy is a uniquely intelligent energy which can heal and help you and others, at emotional, physical, mental and non-physical levels.

A comprehensive workshop manual, suggested practices and additional work materials are provided. Regular group practice and meditation instruction will be provided.


  • Introduction to Reiki
    • The Nature of Reiki
    • The Nature of Our Reality
    • Health and Disease
  • History of Reiki practice
    • Mikao Usui
      • Satori
      • The Four Miracles
      • Return to Tokyo and an Exchange of Energy
      • The five principles
    • Chujiro Hayashi
    • Hawayo Takata
      • Travel to Japan
      • The Beginning of Western Reiki Practice
    • Masters that followed Takata
    • Perspectives on Reiki
      • Defining characteristics of a Reiki Technique
      • Overview of Reiki Training
  • The Human Energy Field
    • Subtle Bodies
    • Chakras
    • Meridians
  • Meditation
    • Insight Meditation
    • Guided Meditations
      • Find Your Guide Meditation
      • Chakra Meditation
  • Reiki Level One
    • Healing Techniques
      • Grounding
      • Centering
      • Breathing Technique (Joshin Kokyuu-Ho)
      • Gassho Meditation (Gassho Meiso)
      • Indication of Reiki Energy (Reiji-Ho)
    • Standard Self-Healing Positions
    • Antahkarana